The World according to gob
Released October 10th, 2000

1. For The Moment
2. I Hear You Calling
3. No Regrets
4. Everyone Pushed Down
5. Pinto
6. Looking For California
7. Sleepyhead
8. Ex-Shuffle
9. That's The Way
10. Been So Long
11. 144
12. Can I Resist
13. Desktop Breaking
14. The Perfect Remedy

How Far Shallow Takes You
Released May 1999

1. 236 E Broadway
2. On These Days...
3. Self-Appointed Leader
4. Beauville
5. What To Do
6. The Mend
7. Reign On Your Parade
8. Suds
9. Nothing New
10. Burying Your Past
11. Naked
12. License From A Cereal Box
13. Stand And Deliver
14. OK 15. Together
16. Things Happened All The Time
17. All We Are

*Track 18, Paint it Black, is available on the US and the mail order versions.


Vancouver's gob has come a long way since it's conception in 1993. Comprised of Tom (guitar/vocals), Theo (guitar/vocals), Craig (bass), and Gabe (drums), the band released a self-titled EP in 1994, a couple of 7" singles and the full-length, Too Late... No Friends in June 1995. This was followed by, Ass Seen on TV in 1997 and the 1999 hit record, How Far Shallow Takes You. The latter landed gob a Juno nomination for Best New Group in Canada, and featured a video directed by Jason Priestly for "What To Do". And gob's driving rendition of the Rolling Stone's, "Paint It Black" for the Stir of Echoes soundtrack is one of the most requested tunes at their live shows.


A new album: The World According to gob.
Recorded at Hipposonic Studios and The Factory in Vancouver, the gob boys enlisted producer Neill King, who agreed to work with them after being won over by their harassing phone calls and witnessing their live performances. King has also worked with such diverse acts as Green Day, The Smiths, Elvis Costello, Joe Cocker, Jawbreaker, The Age of Electric and En Vogue. En Vogue?!? Theo says the new album reflects that, and is all R&B with drum loops, warranting a new band name: En Gob!

The new songs actually bring the band back to their roots - their rock roots. "In the old days, bands like NOFX were getting played in the van. Now that doesn't get played in the van." Gabe explains. A wider scope of what the band listens to has moved gob towards a more classic sound. "You're so limited when you're playing a song a thousand miles an hour," Gabe continues. "You can't really put a longer melody on it, there's no room to move."

"The idea was to write songs that five or ten years down the road, we're going to love playing as much as we do now," offers Tom. This staying power is what sets apart The World According to gob apart from previous releases. If How Far... was more mature than Too Late..., then The World... is more mature again in leaps and bounds.

Songs like their first single, "I Hear You Calling", "Been So Long" and "The Perfect Remedy" show-case up-front vocals and a broader dynamic. "It's not simple," says Theo. "They're a little more in-depth; trying to kick it up a couple of notches. We've got better songwriting than the last album. I mean, we've been playing fast crazy shit for six years. We wanted it to be more progressive, make it more interesting. It shows a different side of gob, but there's still the good old-fashioned heavy guitars wailing in your face! There's lots of energy behind it."


Some thoughts on what gob would like to achieve with their new album:
Tom: "We want to reach more fans. I'd like to play anywhere off the continent."
Theo: "Like Tahiti. Go visit Marlon Brando."
Tom: "I want to play Wimbledon."
WIMBLEDON? Doesn't he mean Wembley? "No, Wimbledon. (faux British accent) Hello Wimbledon!"

Look out Wimbledon, here comes The World According to gob!

Too Late... No Friends

Released 1995
1. Extra Extra
2. Lobster Boy
3. You're Too Cool
4. Bad Day
5. Fuck Them
6. Cleanshit
7. Leave Me Alone
8. Open Your Eyes
9. Marlena
10. I Want You Back Baby
11. Marching Song
12. Asshole TV
13. Soda
14. Fido Dildo
15. Losing Face
16. I Don't Know
17. Centipede
18. Censorshit
19. Custer's Last 1 Nite Stand
20. Hey Stephanie

Stir Of Echoes, featuring gob's rendition of the Rolling Stones, "Paint It Black".